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Explore Free Easy Quilt Patterns for Your Next Project

Beginners love our free quilt patterns, but quilters of all skill levels can use them to find fun new ways to flex their quilting skills. We're pleased to offer several hundred free quilt patterns to download, so there is something here for everyone.

For your convenience, we've organized our free quilting patterns by type, so you can choose one based on your experience level, the type of finished product you'd like to tackle, and your favorite pattern. We've also included some helpful guides for beginners – like a Quilt Backing Reference Guide – that are also helpful for those who need a little refresher on the basics.

Fat Quarter Shop offers many free quilt patterns to download and print, and whichever one you choose, we're confident you'll be pleased with the detailed instructions and your completed creation. If you'd like to see even more options, we invite you to browse and purchase a quilting pattern online.

Once you know what you'd like to quilt, check out our fabric collection to gather the material you need to sew your project. Have fun exploring!

Why Free Quilting Patterns Are Ideal for Beginners

For first-time quilters, the prospect of starting a big project may be daunting. What if you purchase a pattern only to discover it's beyond your capability? What if you decide you don't like the pattern or that you'd rather do something else?

Finding beginner quilt patterns for free is an easy solution to this dilemma because you can review the pattern before you start, and if it's not quite right, you can choose something else. More importantly, our free quilting patterns for beginners have been selected for the simplicity of their pattern and ease of completion.

Free Quilt Patterns - Download Template Quilt Patterns & Free Printable Designs | Fat Quarter Shop (1)Free Quilt Patterns - Download Template Quilt Patterns & Free Printable Designs | Fat Quarter Shop (2)

What Free Printable Quilt Patterns Provide

There's no guesswork involved with free printable quilt patterns. You're directed step-by-step on how to prepare, sew and finish your quilt. Your pattern typically comes with instructions that include the following.

  • Fabric Requirements: The quilt pattern tells you how much fabric you need for the quilt squares, binding and backing. These fabric requirements will give you the yardage needed. To simplify things, it can be a good idea for new quilters to make a quilt using precut fabric squares.
  • Cutting: You'll be given the measurements for fabric pieces used to make the quilt top, the binding, and the backing so you can cut them accordingly.
  • Block Assembly: Square by square, you'll be instructed how to put the fabric pieces together to make blocks.
  • Quilt Top Assembly: Once all the blocks are in place, it's time to put them together to create the top of your quilt.
  • Finishing: This is where you add the backing and binding for your quilt.

Find Free Quilt Patterns to Download & Print at Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop offers a wide selection of free quilting patterns to download and print, covering everything from classic to contemporary. Once you've planned out your next project, be sure you have the fabric you need to stitch your masterpiece. Whether you want material by the yard or precut fabrics to avoid cutting every square yourself, this is where you want to be. Shop Fat Quarter Shop today!

Jelly Roll Twist - Free Quilt Pattern Tutorial

Make an easy, beginner-friendly quilt with just one jelly roll!

Kimberly of Fat Quarter Shop walks you through each step of creating the block, including sewing with a ¼ inch seam and pressing your fabric strips. This scrappy quilt is fun and simple and will bring joy to your day!

Download a Free Quilt Pattern

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Quilting Patterns and Projects

Here are a few of the questions we've received about free quilting patterns. If your concern isn't addressed here, feel free to reach out. As fellow quilters, we're happy to answer any questions.

How Do You Download and Print Quilt Patterns for Free?

Each of our free quilt patterns has a button that says "Download Free PDF." Just click this button, and the file will automatically download to your computer. It will appear in your computer's "Downloads" file folder or wherever you have designated downloaded files to save. To print a PDF, just open the file and print as you would normally. We created a Guide to PDF Patterns tutorial in case you have any questions.

What Themes Do You Have for Free Quilting Patterns?

There are hundreds of different varieties of free quilt patterns to download and print, including your choice of traditional patchwork, modern designs, or holiday quilts. If you are new to quilting, check out our assortment of Free Beginner Quilting Patterns to get started.

What Are Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns?

Jelly rolls are bundles of precut fabric strips that are 2 1/2" wide x 42" long. Jelly roll bundles typically have 40 strips of fabric of various colors and prints from one fabric collection. Free quilting patterns sometimes call for jelly rolls because they are ideal for quick and easy stitching projects.

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Free Quilt Patterns by Manufacturer

  • Moda Fabrics
  • Andover Fabrics
  • Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Camelot Cottons
  • Figo
  • FreeSpirit
  • Henry Glass Fabrics
  • Hoffman Fabrics
  • Marcus Brothers Fabrics
  • Maywood Studios
  • Riley Blake Designs
  • Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  • Ruby Star Society
  • Shannon Fabrics
  • Timeless Treasures Fabrics
  • Wilmington Prints
  • Windham Fabrics

These free quilt patterns are the property of the respective companies and fabric manufacturers. Please abide by their respective copyright notices.

Free Quilt Patterns - Download Template Quilt Patterns & Free Printable Designs  | Fat Quarter Shop (2024)


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