Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (2024)

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See how to sew a diy Valentine basket using my free mini basket sewing pattern. It's perfect to fill with little diy gifts for Valentines day.

Making a Valentine mini fabric basket is a cheerful way to get ready for spring, isn't it? Here's an inspiration for you, an easy craft project or a diy gift for Valentine's day. And, did you know this little basket is hiding something? NOT what one would think! Scroll down to see what! (UPDATE:) And scroll down to get your free sewing pattern.

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Diy Valentine Basket Pattern

Handy little storage baskets are always good to have. I have plenty of them in my craft room, child's room, kitchen and wherever I need to store little items. This time, in Valentine's colors! You can make your own Valentines baskets to brighten up either your place or someone else's heart. There's something so cheerful about these little hearts đŸ™‚ I hope this post will be an inspiration for you to go for an easy and cute Valentine's project.

First things first: see that pink heart applique? Make your own, and you don't even need a specialized embroidery machine. Your regular sewing machine will do just fine! Click through to this tutorial to see how to applique this heart free applique template:

The Story Behind this Valentines Basket Pattern

Since I was used to living in small (and sometimes tiny!) apartments, I learnt that it's the tiny little things that accumulate and cause clutter with time. So I made tons of these little baskets, along with cardboard boxes, and they turned out to be an extremely efficient way to help me stay in control of my working desk, the kitchen counter, or the floor with no stepping on Legos (you might be laughing, but yes that's a thing!)

Two years ago, our family was lucky to move to a new home with tons of space. And guess what? That thing about the tiny items causing clutter -still so true! So I keep making the little fabric bins, sometimes out of need for another one, sometimes when I want to decorate a shelf or two, and often, very often, for presents. This one is meant as a Valentines gift. Turned out so cute, hasn't it!

Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (3)

We're filling it with small gifts, this clay bracelet my daughter made, and a few other DIY items. It will make a great Valentines gift!

Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (4)

You can make a few like these too. If you leave the top unfolded, it is tall, and folding the top allows you to adjust it according to your needs.

Update: TUTORIAL And Valentine Basket Sewing Pattern

I posted a tutorial and a template for this basket - the template is free for all newsletter subscribers. Visit the sewing tutorial HERE.

And get the free pattern when you join our mailing list:

CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS: simply enter your email in the signup form above to re-download it. (You won't be signed up twice.)

SOMETHING HIDDEN In this diy Valentine Basket?

As mentioned above, this little bin is different from the ones I've been making so far. It is HIDING something. Yes, I added something in the process, and it totally makes it way better than a regular small storage basket. Want to see what? This:

Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (5)

Yep, that part! I've added a tab piece and used a KAM snap to make a loop out of it.

Here's a tutorial to make a hanging strap.

When used as a regular desk shelf basket, the tab is hidden in the lining. See, I bet you haven't noticed it by now in the photos above! But when you run out of desktop space and need to hang it - bam! Just pull out the tab and press the KAM snaps together. Got a hook on the wall? A doorknob free? Even a closet door handle? There it goes! The power of tiny bins!

Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (6)

Happy (early) Valentine's!


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DIY Valentine Basket:

The article discusses how to sew a DIY Valentine basket using a free mini basket sewing pattern. It suggests that making a Valentine mini fabric basket is a cheerful way to get ready for spring. The basket can be used as a craft project or a DIY gift for Valentine's Day. The author mentions that the basket is hiding something special, which is revealed later in the article.

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The article provides a free sewing pattern for the DIY Valentine basket. It mentions that the pattern can be accessed by joining the mailing list or by being a current subscriber. The pattern includes instructions on how to make the basket and a template for cutting the fabric.

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The author explains that the DIY Valentine basket serves as a handy storage solution for small items. The baskets can be used in various places such as craft rooms, children's rooms, kitchens, and more. The author shares personal experiences of using these baskets to stay organized and control clutter. The baskets can also be used as decorative items or as gifts for Valentine's Day.

Hidden Feature:

The article reveals that the DIY Valentine basket has a hidden feature. The author added a tab piece and used a KAM snap to create a loop. This allows the basket to be hung on a hook, doorknob, or closet door handle when desktop space is limited. The tab is normally hidden in the lining of the basket but can be pulled out and snapped together to hang the basket.

In summary, the article provides instructions on how to sew a DIY Valentine basket using a free sewing pattern. The basket can be used for storage, decoration, or as a gift. It also has a hidden feature that allows it to be hung when needed.

Diy Valentine Basket - A Quick Valentines Sewing Pattern (2024)


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