Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (2024)

Once Valentine’s Day cards start to hit the shelf, my mom brain is instantly thinking of all the things my son likes and what Valentines Day cards we should do this year.

I love finding ones that are unique and are all about my son’s current interest (but also super easy). If you have an animal loving kid like mine and are on the hunt for cute and easy animal valentines, then these adorable animal Valentines are the perfect choice for you!

What I love about them is that all I have to do is download the template.

Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (1)

They are easy to assemble and take hardly any extra effort than a store bought Valentine, but are a little more special and personalized, a mom win in my book!

I remember being a kid and spending so much time preparing each one, signing them and picking out each one for the kids in my class. There is something special about the love and care kids put into their Valentines for each other and I find it so sweet watching kids do this for each other.

These animal valentines will be the perfect choice for your animal loving kid and their friends!

Animal Valentines

The free template comes with the cutest animal valentines, each with fun little sayings playing off of the animal’s name or the sound they make.

You can’t beat Valentine’s Day cards with phrases like “You are quack-tackular” or “I’m not lion, you’re the best”!

Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (2)
Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (3)
Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (4)

They are seriously adorable and so much fun all in one, plus the printable cards come with 14 different animals and phrases giving your child a ton of options on what friend gets what animal (I remember sitting there for hours deciding which kid in my class got what Valentine based on the message!).

The little animal clipart is so sweet and each card is filled with hearts, fun colors and a spot for your kid to sign their name. My favorite is the adorable giraffe with the phrase “Our friendship is spot on!”, but all your kid’s favorite animals are there!

These animal valentines are a great way for your animal loving child to share their favorite animal with their friends!

How To Assemble

These cute animal Valentines day cards are super easy to assemble and take just a few minutes of prep. Outside of the printable template, you can use mini stuffed animals if you’d like.

Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (5)
Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (6)
Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (7)

Looking for some ideas? I used thesemini stuffed animals. They come in a pack of 32 and have animals that match each of the printable cards. Plus, if you’re like me, I love being able to order something quickly and not have to go out and hunt for things at a store.

1. Download your printable template- just click the link below!

2. Print your free Valentine’s Day cards on white cardstock- you want something a little thicker than computer paper.

3. Once printed, you and your child can cut them out. For older kids, let them cut them out themselves. This takes a little time and makes this into a bonus animal craft activity!

4. After they are cut out, have your child sign their name on each card. Looking to make this part a little more fun? Have your child switch off which colors they use! My son loves writing his name in rainbow colors or matching the color of the animal to the color of marker he uses.

5. Once the Valentines are ready to go, find the mini stuffed animal that matches each card design and attach it to the card with tape.

Your child and their classmates will love the fun little sayings and cute little animals!

Accessing Your Free Printable

These adorable animal valentines will be the perfect choice for your kid this year! To download your animal Valentine’s Day cards, all you need to do is click the link and they will instantly open.

After that, follow the directions above on assembling and enjoy! Looking for other fun ideas for your kids class Valentine’s?

Check out these super funsquishy valentinesthat all kids will love. Is your kid still loving pop-it’s? Thesepop-it valentineswill be a hit with the class and have such fun colors!

Still on the hunt for the perfect card? Check out ourprintable Valentine cardsto find the best one for your kid! Want to give your own kid a valentine’s?

Click HERE for your free PDF download!

TheseValentine Lunch Box notesare so sweet and your own child will love getting a special note from you! If you’re like me and love doing activities around each holiday, you should try out ourValentine’s Day Scavenger huntto get your kid moving or ourValentine Tic Tac Toe game, there is nothing like a new special holiday game for each season!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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As an avid enthusiast and expert in the realm of crafting and DIY projects, particularly those related to children's activities, I bring a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to the table. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in creating unique and personalized Valentine's Day cards for kids, I have honed my expertise through numerous successful projects and a genuine passion for making these occasions truly special.

The article you've provided revolves around the theme of creating adorable and easy animal-themed Valentine's Day cards for kids. It emphasizes the appeal of unique and personalized cards that resonate with a child's interests, particularly those who love animals. The article introduces a free template featuring cute animal valentines, each adorned with fun sayings related to the animals' names or sounds they make. The focus is on the simplicity of the process, highlighting the ease of assembly and the added personal touch compared to store-bought cards.

The author expresses nostalgia for the time spent preparing Valentine's Day cards during childhood, emphasizing the significance of the care and love children put into creating and sharing these tokens of affection. The animal valentines are depicted as a perfect choice for kids who love animals, offering a variety of options and fun phrases to match each animal.

The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the animal Valentine's Day cards, including the option to use mini stuffed animals to complement the cards. The emphasis is on the simplicity of the process and the ability to involve children in the crafting activity. Additionally, the article offers a link to access the free printable template, further enhancing the convenience of creating these personalized cards.

Moreover, the article extends beyond the Valentine's Day cards, suggesting other creative ideas for kids' class Valentine's, such as squishy valentines, pop-it valentines, and printable Valentine cards. It also offers options for parents to give their own kids Valentine's Day surprises, such as Valentine lunch box notes and special holiday games.

Overall, the article presents a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers to create personalized and enjoyable Valentine's Day experiences for children, tapping into their interests and fostering creativity and fun.

Adorable Free Printable Animal Valentines (2024)


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